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About ICE(India)

ICE (I), the Institution of Civil Engineers (India), stands at the forefront of the Civil Engineering landscape in India. As the apex professional body, ICE (I) is dedicated to propelling the careers of Civil Engineers and nurturing collaborations with Industry, Government, Academia, and Students to champion the Civil Engineering profession nationwide.

Evolved with the changing times, ICE (I) goes beyond traditional membership examinations, offering cutting-edge programs and initiatives tailored to the needs of today's Civil Engineering community.

Our ecosystem fosters the cultivation of fresh ideas and best practices, serving as a platform for learning, qualification, and continuous professional development. ICE (I) delivers programs/ services in the areas of testing, skill development, training, research, publications etc in Civil Engineering and its allied fields including Disaster Management and solutions in physical, virtual and hybrid mode, as required.

Leveraging through strategic international collaborations, ICE (I) embraces and adapts best practices and techniques to enrich the skill set of its members. As a key member of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC), ICE (I) contributes to global collaborative efforts through numerous foreign collaborations with professional bodies and institutions for resilient sustainable infrastructure development.

With over 50,000 members nationwide and connections to elite professionals across 17 member economies of ACECC, such as America, Australia, India, Pakistan, Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Mongolia, Philippine, Myanmar, Russia, New Zealand, And Sri Lanka. Facilitates partnerships among academia, industry, and government to tackle global infrastructure challenges.

Our endeavors aim to empower professionals with the requisite knowledge and tools for success, while advocating for the indispensable role of Civil Engineers in constructing resilient and sustainable societies worldwide.