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  • ICE(I) is driven by its synergies of academics and researches in the discipline by providing practical solutions to the funding organizations from Government Sectors, Industries, Multi-lateral Organizations and Society. ICE (I) adopts a Multidisciplinary Approach to tackle intricate issues comprehensively, leveraging the expertise of distinguished professionals that lays a foundation to the sustainable world.


  • ICE(I) is offering a range of technical services in various domains of Civil Engineering grounded in established expertise and innovative solutions. These projects involve: Conducting analytical and feasibility studies across diverse areas such as resilient infrastructure, structural aging and valuation, geotechnical explorations, frontier technologies, etc. Providing expert validation of designs and drawings to ensure compliance with applicable standards and best practices. Utilizing simulation, modeling, and optimization techniques to address complex challenges in the domain. Spearheading the development of cutting-edge laboratories to advance Civil Engineering research and practices. Performing comprehensive audits in critical areas including materials, environmental impact, structural safety, transportation infrastructure such as bridges and roads. Designing and implementing Professional Development Programs tailored to the needs of industry practitioners.

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  • ICE(I) is leading the charge in advancing the infrastructure sector through a wide range of professional endeavors, including capacity building, training sessions, workshops, and consultancy services. We extend an invitation to seasoned experts and consultants to become part of our esteemed panel in contributing to the advancement of civil engineering and allied fields., providing them with an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the infrastructure industry. As a panel member share your valuable expertise in relevant fields and suitable honorarium will be provided as per ICE(I) norms.
    As a gesture of goodwill ICE(I) will confer the Honorary Membership to the selected consultants and experts as a mark of distinction and professional achievement. We encourage you to become a part of our community, where your knowledge can make a significant impact.
    Together, let's shape the future of civil engineering and foster infrastructure excellence.