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It is always a matter of prestige to complete one’s education through a reputed Institution and it is also necessary to maintain continuity with one’s Alma-mater. That is why there are Alumni Associations in every Institution to reciprocate the information from both ends. Need has been felt for long that ICE (I) which coordinates various activities at the National and International level should have involvement of its Non-Corporate Members. This enables the members not only to get the updates from the Institution but also an opportunity to attend various Conferences, Workshops, etc. organized by the Institution. Similarly ICE (I) would like to sponsor Non-Corporate Members for their participation in the National and International Conferences to give better exposure to them. The Non-Corporate Members also have their communication address updated by informing all changes in their contact details so that the information/documents reach them from time to time. The Alumni Association would also give opportunity to interact with Fellow Members on many occasions to take advantage of such meetings and use of contacts at various places at National and International level. The pass outs who have done their Associate Membership course from ICE (I) would find it interesting and would be keen to join such a platform being provided by ICE (I). The prescribed proforma for joining the Alumni Association of ICE(I) may please be filled up and sent to ICE (I) for further necessary action & also for use in the Directory of Alumni Members which will be distributed to Non-Corporate/ Corporate Members for their information and necessary action.

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