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Our Governance

Board Of Management Read More

  • The Board of Management, as the principal executive body of ICE (I), is entrusted with the authority for all operations of the Institution, ensuring smooth and effective functioning in alignment with its Vision & Mission. The Board is responsible for forward planning policies and programs of action, making decisions, ensuring their effective implementation. Dedicated to fostering excellence in Civil Engineering, the Board strives to establish ICE (I) as a beacon of excellence in the field.

Advisory Board Read More

  • The Advisory Board comprises of esteemed academicians and professionals in Civil Engineering from Worldwide. Their role is to provide expert guidance on academic policies and programs of ICE (I), ensuring the maintenance of high standards of quality education in Civil Engineering. They also advise on emerging trends and technologies worldwide and recommend measures to ensure effective dissemination of information related to Civil Engineering through various mediums.

Executive Council Read More

  • Executive Council is the principal Council of the Institution to monitor & control the executive functions of the Institution. This Council assists the Board of Management in the discharge of many of its functions of Academic and Administrative nature to strengthen the Institution in all respects.

Academic Council Read More

  • Academic Council exercises general supervision over the academic work of the Institution, methods of evaluation, research and improvement in academic standards. It lays down curriculum & frame syllabi for various programmes offered by the Institution and promote research activities and programmes. It determines equivalence and improvement in academic standards of the Institution.

Examination Council Read More

  • Examination Council is the highest body for the conduct of Examination. It lays down pre-examination, actual conduct of examination & post examination processes of the Examinations. The Examination Council appoints Paper Setters, Moderators, Evaluators and also Result Committee. It takes all measures to maintain reliability, validity and credibility of the examinations conducted by the Institution. The Council prescribes several inbuilt checks and balance to achieve its objectives. It functions under the overall control of the Board of Management.

Finance Council Read More

  • Finance Council is the main body for approving the annual accounts and financial estimates of the institution and it also fixes the limits for recurring & non-recurring expenditure for the year based on the income and resources of the Institution. Finance Council examines all financial proposals in its entirety before the Board of Management accords its approval.